Tuesday, December 17, 2013

2013, We Hardly Knew Ye

"...from such films as Andre the Giant,
We Hardly Knew Ye...."
Or, we knew Thee all too well for our own Stinking Goode.

Either way, it was a crazy-town, whirlwind year here at the homestead.

This time last year, I knew there was so,so much to get done, so I dubbed 2013 "The Year of Getting Things Done."

Boy howdy, was it ever.

I have a yet-unfinished list, sure, but I did complete some very major accomplishments this year. We will continue our self-sufficient journey in 2014 with some exciting new additions and expansions.

For now, though, let's look back at 2013: The Year of Getting Things Done.

January and February

This was a super-crazy time. In addition to completing the metal roof project, Wife and I also planted our orchard.

March and April

We recovered (slightly) from the roof and tree projects, and quickly shifted our attention chickward. I built the Chick-u-bator, and we started raising our flock o' chickens. At the same time, we were looking at fencing options, and decided that going with the movable electric netting and getting our three starter lambs was the best bet.

May and June

Well, I started this blog, for one thing. I built the movable,portable, rickshaw-style,metal-framed, chicken coop. We tried ever so hard with some guinea fowl, but failed. We finally got our garden going after a big three-day extravaganza of gardening. We also learned that best laid plans still need to be tweaked- considerably - especially when it comes to chickens. Wife and I also celebrated out 10th wedding anniversary!

July and August

I finished some website contracting work that had been going on for a long time. We took a Civil War field trip and bought 1/4 of a cow. We made pickles out the yin-yang, I made hay out the wazoo, and we learned them kids 'til the cows came home. The new school curriculum was planned and rolled out successfully (for the most part). My Church men's group started a series on the rosary, so I got ahead start.

September and October

Wife and I finally realized the need to begin to eat better. I was blessed enough to start a new job that is much better suited to our family rhythms and my talents. We started making soap. Ultimately, a LOT of our time was spent transitioning from Old Job to New Job (and all the paperwork and stuff that goes with that).

November and December

We discovered that our chickens are NOT defective. I built the over-winter space for the sheep. I determined that they eat like crazy and I need more hay.  :(  We hosted Thanksgiving again, and are looking forward to a peaceful Christmas. Wife and I are closing out the year by finishing up our NFP teacher training courses whilst simultaneously potty training Thing #3.

All in all, I got a LOT done. So, I hereby declare The Year of Getting Things Done to be a success.

So, what will 2014 be?

Stay tuned.........

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