Monday, August 5, 2013

Homeschool Starts Today!!

Unit Studies: The Final Frontier
Today marks Day #1 of our brand-new curriculum experiment roll-out. I'm especially excited about our unit studies with History and Science.
This first 4 weeks, we'll be exploring creation, the Big Bang, astronomy, the Flood, galaxies, and other "early universe" topics.
It works out well, because the kiddos have expressed a big interest in astronomy in the last few months as it is. So their natural curiosity and willingness to dive into a topic is going to be a tremendous help in providing fuel for getting this whole thing rolling.
It'll be very cool integrated the sciences with the story of creation from Genesis. The coolest part is how the science is totally in line with the Scriptures on this point ("Let there be light" = giant explosion. WIN!). It starts things off right for what we are accomplishing.
So excited!

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