Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

A day late, technically, but giving thanks to God never gets old.

I treated the animals to some Thanksgiving treats in the morning (pics after the jump). But the star of the show was the Paleo Thanksgiving Feast that Wife put together.
Clockwise from the smoked turkey leg: paleo orange cranberries, brussel sprouts cooked in bacon,
mashed cauliflower, paleo pork and apple stuffing, sweet potatoes topped with pecans,
 and sauteed green beans.
Breakfast was just as paleo and yummy.
Wife made some paleo scones with almond flour (or coconut), and hard boiled backyard chicken eggs. YUM!

Nom nom nom paleo scones. The eggs look happy. :)

Speaking of which, the chickens got their own feast of leftover cooking scraps,most notable roasted butternut squash remains.
Did I mention that Corn the rooster is crowing now?
Donkey got a few carrots and some fresh bamboo.
Happy Samson.
And finally, the sheep got a bowl full of oats.
It cracks me up when they get on their knees to eat.
We capped thenight off with a great bigbonfire. The flames hit about 8 feet at the peak. It was very very hot.
The fire was really cool and lasted all night.
There is so much I have to be truly thankful for,and taking just a day seems like not enough. I definitely need to work more thankfulness into my prayer life.

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