Monday, August 19, 2013

Hay There!

I love making DIY hay.
The hay I cut in the morning last week, raked and ready for storage.

My morning scything routine is fast developing into something I didn't expect. I figured I'd catch up on the overgrowth, but now I'm starting to think this could be a "thing."
I'm going to try combining that with my morning prayer.
It's kind of a "two birds with one stone" thing, but in working the land while I pray, it's a way to be more thankful in practice. It's also a way to acknowledge, in a very tangible way, that the gifts we have all come from God.
Plus, I get hay.
It's way easier to collect hay in the converted trash can with wheels and a lid
than it is to try to balance it all, and more more trips, with the much smaller wheelbarrow.
The problem is that holding a scythe requires two hands (despite my little tongue-in-cheek bio over there ->), so praying the rosary while scything causes my to quickly lose count.
So today, I'm going to try to find some audio prayers, put them on my iPhone, and use headphones tomorrow morning.

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