Thursday, December 19, 2013

7 of One, Half-Dozen of the Other

Our chickens' egg production is up 100% this week!

Six out of today's seven eggs. Woo hoo!
Yesterday, we got 6 eggs for the first time ever The previous daily total was 3, which had been pretty steady fora while. Then SIX.

Today, it was seven.

The first six were in the nest box, nice and neat like like in the picture. ^^  #7 was sitting on the coop floor (right in front of the nest boxes and the water bucket). I think she's still a bit confused:

"Now where did that egg go? I left it right here!!"

Luckily, the other chickens are there to take the lead. Hopefully, Ms. Confused can find here way over abut 17" and get it in the box tomorrow. We'll see.

Maybe I'll leave the eggs in until late afternoon to give here a long time to "get it." Either way, the yolk was asuper-rich, creamy, deep yellow color - so healthy and yummy! Wife made it up into a sweet-potato-hash/eggs-over-easy paleo NOM NOM NOM fest for lunch. I <3 Wife.

And, to close, here's a good shot I got of the chickens patrolling their pen this afternoon:

Corn the rooster with his harem hens.


  1. ....and today I got 8. We had switched to an "all natural" feed about 11-ish days ago. Not sure if that is contributing to better health and laying or not.....

  2. And as a Feast of St. John gift today, we got our first 10-egger. Woo!!