Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Holiday!

We had a very merry and happy Holiday at the homestead this year. For Holiday Eve dinner, Wife made a very nice rib roast. We decorated our Holiday tree, wrapped Holiday gifts, took naps, decorated Holiday cookies, and went to a 12:00 AM private religious ceremony.

Annual Gift Person.
On Holiday morning, the kiddos woke up waaay too early. Annual Gift Person brought them some very cool toys, set out and waiting, of course, by the Holiday tree.

The kids very much enjoyed their Holiday gifts. Thing #1's favorite was a nice digital camera; Thing #2, Legos; and Thing #3, a  "ride bike."

After our Holiday gift giving and general non-judgmental merriment, Wife's dad came down from IN, and later that evening, my sister came by. Wife made a paleo brunch (with mimosas!) and a Holiday turkey dinner, and we enjoyed some fresh paleo Holiday egg nog. And wine. :)

All in all, we had a Holiday that really brought out the true meaning of the Holiday - being with family. Or it giving presents? Or maybe it was sharing a nice family meal with the people you love.

No, wait - I got it now. The true meaning of the Holiday is to celebrate with generosity the Black Friday deals that we gave generic "thanks" for on Turkey Day so our New Year can begin with the odds ever in our favor.

Sigh. This was so much easier to remember back when it was still Christmas....

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