Saturday, November 30, 2013

My DIY Sheep Dry Lot

The grass stops growing right about Thanksgiving in middle TN. I needed an overwinter sheep solution. Plus, I weren't gunna let that there hay I cut go to waste.

Enter the sheep shack:
The sheep shack houses the sheep over the
winter months (December through February).
I built it with chain link fence pieces that were here when we moved in! I started theproject on Friday,thinking I'd be doing bits and pieces until next weekend. Luckily, some diligent work let me finish it late this afternoon.
The previous owner of our house bred shitzus or something. They used our shed as a kennel. I use it as a shed. But the fence panels have sure come in handy!

I started by taking a panel from the existing concrete-floored kennel area and extending it back.The I used my auger to dig some post holes and made a hard right angle toward the existing windblocking white wood fence.
Step 1: Build a corner.Things #1 and #2 helped move bricks out of the kennel areas.
My hand auger helped me drill some deep, perfect holes in no time. I love hand tools.
I had to put in 4 thick posts, and brace the fence panels onto the posts. I then rigged two gates (one for the hay feeder access,one to go in and out of), and made sure everything was solid. Then I hauled in the sheep.

Boy, are they getting heavy.

I think Pot Pie is preggos right now, given that meatloaf only chases Pancake these days.  ;)

Clearing out the sheep shack.
Pancake, the first brave soldier to nibble the hand-cut hay. She loved it!
So, I'll be hay-feeding and hand-watering the sheepers out behind the shed for the next three months. Wow.

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