Thursday, November 14, 2013

We Have Eggs!

Our chickens aren't defective!!
I awoke Wednesday morning to feed the chickens and was FINALLY rewarded.
Our flock of sixteen 29-week-old chickens has, as of this writing,produced exactly two eggs. The one pictured above is egg el numero uno. That was yesterday. I got another today. (Yes, I am slow to post. Lots going on round these here parts this month.) Our flock, BTW, is down to Corn (our mystery breed rooster), one Rhode Island Red hen, 5 Red Stars (4 hen, 1 roo), and 9 black ones- a blend of Autralorps and Jersey Giants that are still indistinguishable from one another. Wife and I ordered a bunch more- expect a new chicks post at the end of January. ;)

The bright side of it was that whomever laid the eggs knew to lay in the nest boxes.Having heard the horror stories of eggs being hidden 'round the yard, I was pleasantly surprise(quite surprised, actually) to find it in the box. I had been keeping a small plastic baseball-ish thing in the nest boxes,moving it around every few days, hoping they would get the hint.They did. Now, I can stop scouring the coop yard every other day looking for hidden eggs. Hooray!

In other news, things are finally slowing down after my new job. I am transitioning out of my second night gig now, so as of Thanksgiving will be free and clear of additional outside responsibilities, and can focus more fully on my one the family, the one job, and the homestead (and yes, this blog too, my dear impatient readers). Alleluia!

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