Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pickle Party!

In a four-day span this week, the garden gave us 35 cucumbers. There are more forming.
When life gives you lemons cucumbers out the yin-yang, make lemonade pickles.
We added some zucchinis and okra into the pickle mix, too.
Using some very cool recipes Wife found, we made a lot of pickles.
Recipe #1 called for boiling vinegar and salt together, then bringing it down to room temperature and pouring it over the cukes. Recipe #2 called for adding all of the ingredients straight into the jar. Before doing anything, we sanitized the jars in the dishwasher.
Recipe #1 boiling on the stove.
The recipes also called for peppercorns, garlic, and dill in addition to the salt and vinegar. I peeled lots of garlic while Wife cut the cukes and zukes into slices. Thing #3 helped, too.  :)
Thing #3 helped sort and organize cucumbers for us. Sort of.
We got everything together, ready for the pickling liquid!
All the ingredients assembled, it's time to pickle!
The actual pickling went surprisingly quickly. Cutting the cukes and peeling the garlic took far longer. Once we started to measure out the ingredients, fill the jars, and shake them around a bit, we were done in no time.
The pickles can technically be ready to eat in 48 hours. We might give them some more time to, well, pickle. Then again, they are sitting there taunting us as day with the pickle-filled goodness, and we may just cave early and start munching tomorrow. We'll see.

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