Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Off the Bottle!

No more of this 4 times a day!
All three sheep are finally off the bottle. Pot Pie got her last one last night.
They're all on 100% grass now. Sure, they're not eating much yet. But the transition was pretty smooth.
I started with four 8-oz bottles daily for 8 days. Then I dropped it down to three (cut out a mid-day bottle) for 2 days, then two for two days (only morning/night), then just a night-time bottle for 3 days. Then, nothing. But i had to account for Pot Pie being a week younger, so her schedule was extended. Oy.
Sure, there was a good deal of bleating. But a week later, the older two look VERY healthy. They're getting much bigger, and at a higher rate, on grass only than it looked like they were with the milk.
They also look a lot less stressed now.
Maybe one day I'll miss running out at midnight, fumbling around to turn the electric fence off, scooping them up, putting them in a wheelbarrow to prevent fighting, smelling the faint aroma of vanilla pudding when I mix the milk replacer....
But that day is not today.
I'm super glad they're all fully pastured, weaned, and ready to rock out on grass.

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  1. awww they are so cute!!! you're going to miss this pretty soon