Monday, August 19, 2013

Tomato Season

The tomatoes are finally turning red.
Our weekend pickings: tomatoes, more cukes, and a lonely pepper.
As the cucumbers wind down,the tomatoes gear up. Funny how as I start to get a little bit tired of all the cool, crisp cucumbery goodness, the juicy tartness of the tomatoes bursts into the scene.

The radishes, okra, tomatoes, and giant cucumber make a visually stunning bowl.
I love how the garden produces so many different types of food, each delicious and visually striking in their own way. Well, the recent radishes are kinda ugly, but the have a very sharp tang to them.

The raspberries also started coming in, and they are SOOO good.

Menwhile, some the sunflower heads started dipping, meaning they're heading to see here soon.

Sunflowers in the sun against the foliage. Just beautiful.
I love the different flavors and effects our garden has produced this year. I'm also really excited for tomato season!!

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