Monday, August 26, 2013

Garden's First Cantaloupe

Our cantaloupes are doing OK. The bed is covered in weeds, and the squash bugs are ever looming, unfortunately. We had a few fruits that got pretty big, then somehow imploded. I wonder if a small animal came by and thought the garden was a buffet. That, or else they got overwatered and cracked. Either way, I pulled a melon rescue mission and grabbed the ones that looked like they might be done. The broken ones (3 total) I tossed in to the chickens. They went CRAZY for them.

I've been letting the rescue fruit mature in the fridge. I cracked one open for a snack today. It was only about the size of a softball, maybe smaller.

Juicy cantaloupe, nom nom nom......
But wow. Great flavor, if a bit mild. It wasn't a strong cantaloupe flavor, but very full and sweet. I'd call it a light flavor. And it was really, really juicy. I have three more in the fridge, plus a honeydew. I wonder if the honeydew is a bit more developed. I'll find out soon enough.

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