Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cantaloupe Thief CAUGHT!!

I GOT HIM (or her)!
Caught you red-handed! or clawed.....
It happened quite by accident. I noticed a gaggle (or herd? flock? murder? who knows....) of turkeys passing awfully close to the garden, so I ran out to chase them. I swung by the garden on the way back inside, mostly to see if another honeydew was ready. Them BOOM! there it was.

This little thieving turtle....

Pretty looking lil' fella (an Eastern Box Turtle, FWIW). But not in MY garden!
Now, I like turtles. A lot. I think they are really cool animals. I always am a little sad to see one as roadkill. but eating my cantaloupes is simply not cool.

I picked him up and released him at the creek area, an overgrown wet-weather area with plenty of little homes for a good turtle. And it's a LONG walk back to the garden with no shelter. So he'll be fine, as will my fruit. I hope.

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