Thursday, August 29, 2013

Solving the Hay Spillage Issue

So at lunchtime today, I went to load up the hay that had been drying in the pallet hay rack. I find that when it's 90% dry, transferring it onto the rack for finishing works great. The air is dry in there, and the sun doesn't bleach it out too much. It's very very dry, but still has a slight greenish tint to it - not the sunburnt yellow.

But trying to cram all that hay as tight as can be into a 5-sided cube was a lesson in insanity. It just kept falling out.

Luckily, I have some spare lumber to lay across the opening:

This 2x6 holds the hayback.
With the crossbeam in place, I was able to stuff even more hay into the compartments.

I took a heckuva lotta hay and crammed it all into two squares. The corners really got filled up using this method.

The crossbeam lets me really cram it on in there.
So yay. Yet another shed problem solved this week. I'm on a roll! I think I'll work on this "world peace" thing next.....

" ... and ...  world peace!"

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