Monday, August 26, 2013

My DIY Pallet Hay Rack

I love solving multiple problems with one solution.

I cleaned out the shed this Saturday, mostly to move the chick-u-bator to the back, stood up vertically, so I could get in and out without fearing for my shins every time. I had to clear out a stack of pallets to make room. I also needed a place to store more hay. So, I used the stack of pallets to build more hay storage. I used enough pallets to clear the stack out completely and make more room in the shed.

Ta da!! The DIY pallet hay rack:
My inventions ain't gonna be on any magazine covers, but they get the job done.
I like this design for several reasons:

  • It's sturdy. I used 2x4's laid across the tops of the vertical pallets to support the next levels. The horizontal pallets compress the vertical ones so they stand up straight on their own. I used some extra shims to brace it against the supporting beams of the shed.
  • Nothing is nailed or screwed, so it disassembles quickly.
  • To the right is a large flat surface for spreading out hay for additional drying and settling before storing in one of the compartments.
  • The spaces between the pallets allow air to get in between and keep it from getting moldy.
  • Behind each compartment is a fence panel, allowing for space and breathability behind the hay.
  • Even on the bottom, the pallets allow the hay to be lifted off the ground.
  • It uses the vertical space in the shed very well.
One downside is keeping the hay from rolling out of the front of the compartments. Still working on that one.....

I have no idea how many pounds of hay this will produce, and I really don't care to measure. If it feeds the friends all winter long, then it's a success in my book.

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