Thursday, January 16, 2014

Middle Mid-January Homestead Update

Most of the time, the chickens keep a safe distance. This afternoon at egg time,
this gal strolled right up and said hello.
So, besides chicken selfies, what's the scoop 'round the homestead?

Whelp, I'm out of hay, we made our altar, and we're working through our circadian rhythms.

Yes, I am out of hay. Out of all of the pallet hay squares I filled up this year, only about half of one is left as of right now. After morning and afternoon feeding sheep and donkey feeding tomorrow, I will be out. None. Totally empty. So tomorrow afternoon, I'm gonna go pick some more up.

We also got our Christmas present statues in last week, and set up our home altar. I may do a separate post to detail what we have. But here's a neat shot Wife took today:

Just in case anyone, ever, at any time, doubted that we were
Catholic, we put this ^ up right inside the front door.
Those black books are the Liturgy of the Hours, which we've been both been praying fairly regularly. By that I mean we each get at least one session in per day, and more often than not it's 3 or 4. I do need to work on getting middle mid-morning prayers to become more of a habit. ;)  But on the serious side, they are very peaceful, and I look forward to those times every day.

On the health side of things, I called and got our extremely bright and obnoxious street lamp removed yesterday. It is MUCH darker outside, and as soon as Thing #3 and the dog stop waking me up 4 times every night, I can share how much deeper I'm sleeping. :/  But waking up at dawn is going well. I'm motivated, and I'm having time to work on stuff outside in the morning each day. A hugelkultur bed is first on the radar, followed closely by some serious garden prep.

This weekend, I'll be setting up the chick-u-bator. Our new chicks will be arriving in about 10 days, so I want to be ready. I need another bucket for watering, since the old one froze and cracked.

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