Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Unexpected House Chicks

Having the baby chicks inside the house is a nice little unexpected blessing. With the temperatures pushing toward 0, we've been forced to resign ourselves to keeping the brooder box inside for at least the next few weeks. I thought the noise and smell would become obnoxious, but it turns out I quite enjoy the background peeping. It's peaceful and cute.  :)  A side benefit is shots of the boys (especially Thing #2) picking them up and holding them:

Thing #2 holding either a Leghorn or an Orpington, with Thing #3 looking on in awe.
The brooder box is in the background.

You just gotta love the cuteness.

Thing #3 kissing what I think is an Ancona.

Another Ancona after cleaning up the pasty butt. Brooder in the background again.

"I just LOVE having chickens!" -Thing #2

Last year, we weighed and measured the chickens and their daily feed with the intention of charting it for a science project. Then, the computer it was stored on died. I think with them being inside the house and not in the shed, we might try doing that again. Thing #2, my lil' farmer-in-training, sure enjoyed it.

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