Monday, January 6, 2014

Super Chickens

Whelp, we had our first dozen-egg day this weekend. It was pretty exciting. I was out picking up a new dishwasher when Wife texted me the good news. Thing #2 was SOOO excited, they just had to tell me.
This here is 30 eggs. We got them over the course of three days. The great
big round brown ones are from the Red Stars. No idea on the others. 
It was in the single digits temperature-wise today, yet they're still laying like champs. In fact, we're all having omelettes for dinner today just to keep up! It's been a big relief, going from despising our defective chickens in October to marveling at their productivity 3 short months later. Creation continues to astound me.

I love how even though we only have four (maybe three, depending on the one Rhode Island Red) breeds, we're getting a huge variety of sizes and colors.I'm really looking forward to adding our new breeds to the flock.They arrive in late January-stay tuned for pictures and details!

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