Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lost Chicks

McMurray Hatchery has
great customer service.
Well, we've lost 11 total chicks since they arrived. Very sad. However, McMurray Hatchery, where we've purchased all of our chicks, has a 48-hour refund policy. So, counting the 4 that were DOA, since all 11 have passed since within 48 hours of us picking them up from the Post office, we've been reimbursed in full for those 11, including their vaccine costs.

That makes it sting a bit less.

Wife and I have talked about rounding out the flock with some started pullets later on, which we would get locally. So, if we ever do have a need to order baby chicks again, we will stick with McMurray.

In other news, it was -1 degrees today. So yeah - baby chicks in the house is a must.

UPDATE: We lost one more. An Araucana. Wife's favorite. McMurray refunded us that one as well, and advised us to pick up some antibiotics, which we did. They said that the stress of cold sometimes can take a few days to become evident. So here's to hoping that the rest are OK.

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