Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Late November Homestead Update

Whelp.Winter is here.

The leaves are gone. The grass is brown. The chicken waterer is freezing overnight. The heaters are out in the house.

Thing #3 helping me winterize.
I have a lot to do to get ready for winter. It's here too fast this year.
First, I have to build the winter dry lot for the sheep. Located behind the shed, it should provide about 2000 square feet for them to be fed hay from December into March. I hope I stored enough hay.
Pot Pie, Meatloaf, and Pancake, left to right, finishing grazing the hay field before winter.
The dry lot just needs some posts driven and some existing chain-link fence panels attached. I hope to get it done in the next 10 days.

Donkey is out on the back 40 2.5 right now.
Samson is tethered to a tree, with a buffet of bamboo and long grasses to eat.
He'll make the rounds back there and ideally NOT need hay at all. Since he grazed it last winter, it has come back in thicker and lusher,so the available foodstuffs should be greatly increased. 

The chickens are doing the exact opposite of what I expected. I thought they would lay in September and trail off around now.Instead, their production is ramping up.

The chickens are STARTING their laying as it gets colder. Go figure.
I'll be gradually shifting their paddock to behind the dry lot. That should increase efficiency each morning so I don't have to trudge all around the homestead.

In January, we are getting about 25 or so day-old chicks. I want to do guineas again. Wife and I are working on a bigger,badder garden plan. There will be new and replacement trees to plant. I really want to get at least 1 hugelkultur built by March.

So, lots still going on. But hey- at least I no longer have to mow the grass. :)

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