Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ketchup With Your Caterpillar?

Is the U.N. promoting wild honey, too?
So the U.N. say we need to have more insects in our diet.
Sounds ... slimy, yet satisfying.
They also "recommend" feeding insects to chickens.
Now that is something I had planned to do already, so no biggie there.
But the crazy thing, from my POV, is that all of these new ideas about fixing the problems introduced by Western culture have already been done for centuries. The Western mind, post-Industrial Revolution, has tried to engineer a way to "better" everything.
But there's no balance.
The farming and cattle raising methods of the food industry require more and more input (chemical fertilizers and antibiotics, genetically modified feed, etc.) to get the same output.
So now we have to eat bugs.
I just wonder why man had to tinker with God's designs in the first place....

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