Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Work Is Worth It

Each morning, I spend between 60 and 90 minutes (closer to 60 most days) on the daily farm chores, with another 30 to 45 minutes each evening. A huge chunk of that time is spent milking, moving, and watering Bridget the milk cow. The rest is dedicated to moving Brisket, picking up manure, checking on the pigs, watering the sheep, feeding the chickens, collecting eggs, feeding the new meat rabbits, getting some feed going for the next day, and otherwise tending to various miscellany around the farmstead.

But then, when I come inside, strain the milk, clean up, get everything put away, and then survey the "fruits of my labor," so to speak, it's all worth it.

This morning's eggs and milk. That's a full dozen eggs, and about 3/4 a gallon of milk.
All of this was produced in the last 12 hours by the animals we keep.
In addition to just "knowing where our food comes from," we also know that it is vastly more healthy and better tasting than any store-bought alternative.

Yeah, the work is worth it.

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