Thursday, April 24, 2014

Milking Photos

Recently, my dad came to visit and snapped a few pics of me hand-milking Bridget at the stanchion. I like this one the best:

You can see the stream of milk flowing into the bucket.
The kids' yellow step-stool, Abigail, makes the perfect milking stool.
I also took some shots of Thing #2 learning to milk. He's a great little helper, and, well, he's learning.

Thing #2 tries his hand at milking. Thing #3 looks on in approval.
Bridget tolerates it....for now.

Thing #2 getting a pretty good stream of milk.
His hands tired a few squeezes later, and I took over.
So far, I have done 99.8% of the milking. Others have taken a quick turn here and there, but I have started and finished each milking session. I really would like to get everyone taught, practiced, and able to milk solo. That will open up a lot of flexibility in the family, allowing us all to more efficiently do evening chores. Plus, if I ever get sick or have to be away, others can step in.

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