Monday, April 28, 2014

Growing the Chicken Collection

Some people collect stamps. Other, coins. Still other collect Beanie Babies, or beer bottle caps (wait....I do that too), or baseball cards.

Us? We collect chickens.

New less-than-a-week old Americauana/Araucana chicks. We got 10.
After moving the new chickens out of the chick-u-bator and into the chicken pen, we had an unoccupied chick-u-bator in the shed. Since it's before hay season, and the chick-u-bator is just out, we grabbed 10 blue egg layers when we went to get vaccines for the sheep and milking-time oats for the cow.

Thing #2 loves baby chicks.

He called this one "Brownie."
After getting these 10 new chicks and dispatching Corn the Rooster, we're at 41 total chickens of varying ages.

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