Monday, March 24, 2014

Getting the Sheep Back to Pasture

FINALLY!! The sheep are out of their winter dry lot after almost 4 months!

Happy sheep back on pasture after 3.5 months.
The grass is finally starting to grow, and I was running pretty low on hay, so it worked out quite well.  :)   Plus, the incessant "BAAA"-ing was driving me batty. So, Saturday afternoon, I moved them back to pasture.

Last time I moved them, back in November, I hoisted and carried them from the front pasture/hay lot to the dry lot. They were very heavy. This time, I had even farther to go, and bigger, more pregnant sheep.

The solution? Roll them.

Getting the sheep in the cart was surprisingly easy.
I coaxed the sheep into the cart I use to haul water for the pigs and cows. I took the big dog cage and tied it on with donkey's old rope. Then, I carefully avoided pot-holes.  :)

After the harrowing journey back to the "back 40" (really the back 2.6, behind the creek), in which Pot Pie's leg fell through and got stuck once, I released Pot Pie and Meatloaf into their new pasture area.

Meatloaf and Pot Pie, going to town on fresh grass for the first time in 17 weeks.
 After them, Pancake still needed to be transported. Thing #2 helped.

Thing #2 lured Pancake in with some fresh pulled grass.
The journey with Pancake was less harrowing, but she was equally ecstatic to be on grass again.

The three sheep on pasture, where they belong.
I also moved the solar charger, their water bucket, and their mineral bucket back on Saturday.
The ambient "Baaa"-ing has been nonexistent since getting them back out. They were sick and tired of being confined, and I don't blame them. They now have acres of greenery to eat and fertilize, and many months to be happy sheep doing what sheep do best.

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