Sunday, March 2, 2014

Is Pot Pie Preggo?

Pot Pie is looking a little more round than before, and more than the others.

Pregnant sheep
Pot Pie, middle, looking plump and carrying.
Wife noticed her abdomen move slightly on Friday. Like there was a little lamb wiggling about in there. That's really exciting for us. The sheep have been very good lawnmowers, and I love being welcomed home with a "Baaa!" But we really got them for, ya know, the lambs.

So hopefully, they have lambs in the next few months. That would be really good, because they'd have a nice long time to grow out before the winter (and the hay season) sets in. This timing puts them at very early lambers, since they would've been about 5-6 months old at conception.

Well done, Meatloaf. Well done.

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