Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wild Guineas

On Tuesday, we released the surviving guineas into the chicken pen after clipping their wings. We had hoped to keep them in with the chickens until they were large enough to be released on their own.
Well, they beat us to the punch.
Last night, we went to feed the chicks and check on Meatloaf's wound, and the guineas were gone.
Totally gone. Nowhere in sight or sound.
However, this morning, I noticed a small shape hanging out just outside the electric net. Upon closer inspection, I saw it was really two small shapes.
The guineas!
They somehow got out, but the training seems to have worked. I think the sight of our house is "home" to them, so now they're out in the wild. A few weeks earlier than planned, and half as many, but hey - at least these guys are OK.

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