Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Too Much


These last two weeks have been insane. From crippling poison ivy on my right hand, to mysteriously dead chickens, to disinfected sheep wounds, to cucumber vines that are TOC, to more green beans than we know what to do with, to pulling late nights finishing up a project, I simply have not had time to update anything.

So when there's too much to do, Homestead Catholic suffers.

The status right now:
The guineas are out of the brooder, and into the dog crate and out by the garden. There's only four now - I think cocci got the best of 2 of them. The rest are being moved daily to prevent a flare-up.
In the span of one week, 5 chickens all departed. Another also nearly went, but I iso'd and nursed her back to health. I have still no idea what happened, but they seem to be isolated incidents of trampling, hypothermia, and a mystery illness with virtually no symptoms.
Sheep are fine. Meatloaf got a big cut on his back from climbing under the chicken coop, so I had to build a quick triangular shelter for them and tape over the coop edges. I stuck him a chain link temporary pen and disinfected the wound with hydrogen peroxide for a few days. It's totally scarred over now.
Donkey is great, and braying happily.
Colt the mastiff is...well...he hasn't drooled on me yet today. :)
Wife and kids are all fine. School year is SOOO close to being done. We're gearing up for unit studies. Yay!
The AC has been out in the van, so it was nice to find out this week that'll it cost way more than we have on hand to get it fixed...right as temps peak 95 outside. Hooray.
And then there's the garden.....

More soon....

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