Monday, July 1, 2013

Garden Update

It seems our garden has contracted a case of the muffin top.
The green beans keep falling over toward the lettuces. It's not their fault - the cucumbers keep encroaching on the green beans. The cukes are also flopping out of the garden - Wife had to add some bamboo stakes to the grass area outside of the garden to support the extra growth.
The cucumber plants are spilling over the square foot
garden bed edge at every turn.
Every day, we can literally see the growth. The pumpkins grew at least 6 inches yesterday. We've counted several dozen cucumber flowers. The tomatoes are starting to flower too, and some of them are several feet tall now.
The lettuce is also in full swing. We had an awesome salad for dinner, along with fresh picked peas and green beans (first harvest, woo!) in a lovely chicken cous-cous dish. It was very satisfying.
A bowl of green and handful of radishes
an excellent meal does indeed make. The cucumbers
are in the top left corner, taunting us with more growth
as soon as we leave.
Besides the TOC cucumber vines (which is the good kind of problem to have), everything is going really, really well thus far.
The real test will be to see how much yield we really get.
So far, so good.

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