Monday, June 10, 2013

Wing Clipping

Yesterday we clipped the chickens' wings as we put them into the newly finished chicken coop. (More on the coop later.)
One of the Rhode Island Reds. Beautiful feathers.
Hard to imagine they were so tiny and fuzzy a few weeks ago.
I caught them and held them while Wife did the cutting. Then I placed them into the new coop. So how did it go?
The first 5 or 6 were really easy to catch. They got progressively harder. Removing Pina Colada helped, as he's our biggest troublemaker. The cutting itself was very easy. Wife used our sharpest pair of scissors. We got the right wing on all of them, so next time, we'll get the left side, and keep alternating.

"Pina Colada," while a mean rooster already, still has pretty cool feathering.
Overall, I thought it would be a pain, especially as exhausted as I was from coop building. But we all really enjoyed it. Now, when I release them into the sheep paddock this week, I at least know they will not fly away.

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