Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chickens in the Field

Today we finally got the chickens out in the field with the sheep.
The chickens had outgrown the chick-u-bator a while ago, but the coop wasn't done yet. Well, I finished the movable chicken coop this weekend, and we left the chickens locked in the coop for two days to acclimate themselves to their new home.
This morning, we released them.
At first, they were very confused and hesitant.
The coop exit ramp and the grass seemed to almost frighten the chickens.
After about 15 anti-climactic minutes of them peeking out and running back in, I went back inside.
5 minutes later (of course), Wife let me know that they had ventured out!
I ran back out and saw about half pecking away merrily at the weeds and bugs.
The few bold chickens that made it outside enjoyed the smorgasbord
of fresh stuff. You can also see the completed coop in all its glory.
Pretty soon, nearly all of them made it out of the door. They really seemed to be enjoying themselves.
It was funny, because they looked so big in the chick-u-bator, but so tiny in the field.
Perspective is an interesting thing.
On a side note, the sheep are getting huge. Not really, but compared to a few weeeks ago...yowza.
Pot Pie, Pancake, and Meatloaf, left to right.
Them sheep is gettin' so BIG!

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