Monday, June 3, 2013

Homeschool Curriculum Choices

So Wife and I are looking at different homeschool choices right now. Under Tennessee law, we basically have three options:

  1. Let the superintendent know we're homeschooling, turn our grades and attendance in to the county office, and get ready the "common core" standardized testing hullaballooza
  2. Enroll in a "Category 3" distance learning program (which means signing up with an accredited (read; curriculum-controlled) school - we took this option with Seton the last two years)
  3. Register with a "Church-related school" (which, living in the Bible belt, has not been our go-to option as practicing Catholics)

Let's "bake" cookie making
into our curriculum!
Our main driver has been to allow ourselves a bit more flexibility than the curriculum that is handed down provides. You see, to get a school accredited means to control every aspect of the curriculum. That's fine, but we're looking for a bit more freedom in choosing texts for certain subjects.
We found this Home Life Academy homeschool late last week, and it looks promising. It's an "third option" school (Church-related), and allows for total freedom in curriculum design. They require that you get the hybrid curriculum approved, and send in grades and attendance twice a year.
Sounds awesome!
So we could stick with Seton's texts ( which we love), but allow ourselves room to move in and out of the subjects as we need to with our kiddos.
We'll be investigating this a bit more.

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