Friday, June 14, 2013

Is it a Garden Yet?

Wife and I checked out the garden progress today.
CobyCat keeping an eye on the garden in our absence.
The beans and peas are absolutely taking off. Our tomatoes are doing very well too, including one nice surprise that we direct planted. The transplants struggled for a bit, but they're shoring up now. We have some very nice cucumbers and okra, too. The salad veggies keep coming, and are delicious!

We especially noticed the amazing growth of the pumpkins since last time we strolled through. I am very excited about them - we have giant pumpkins that should push 50 lbs.!
Last but not least:
The blackberry bushes have exploded after a lost crop last year,
and a heavy winter prune this year.

Last year, the wild turkeys ate every single blackberry. I was so mad. These ones should ripen late next week. I am planning to enjoy every juicy, succulent bite this time around.

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