Friday, August 29, 2014

Catching Up: Sheep

Not much to report on them. They stay in the electro-net, eat grass and bushes and stuff, and baa at me every morning when I bring them water. We interact for about 4 minutes a day. They are, BY FAR, the easiest keepers on the homestead.

Pot Pie, right, Meatloaf, middle, and Meatball, left saying "hi" this morning.
We baa back and forth each morning.
The biggest challenge and time investment I have is when i switch the netting.

But even then, I've got so good at it I can move three nets, the charger, and their makeshift shelter in about an hour and a half. Generally, the day before I move, I'll set up one net and corral them into it. The next day, I'll set up the three nets around the first, then take down the one net so they're in their new area. It works great. I've no escapes or issues with this system, and the back acres are getting trimmed down and already look a LOT healthier than this spring.

The biggest difficulty in the process is working the netting feet into the rocky soil we have back there. Sometimes, I have no choice on a post but to balance it, or support it with something. I had to tie a post to a tree once.

My peeps sheeps, behind the electric net.
Sometime late this fall, I'll process Meatball and we'll cook up some leg o' lamb, along with the other meatstuffs we'll get from him. I think Pot Pie may be pregnant again, so there could be a lamb joining them in the back pen this winter. Meatloaf has been very protective of her the last month or so, so I wonder if she's knocked up and he knows it. We'll see. I sure do hope so, because with running the ram and ewe together like I do I REALLY want that 3 lambings in 2 years production rate.

So that's really it for them.

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