Monday, May 5, 2014


(ba-dum ching!)  :: waiting for applause/laughter ::

Our 10-day old new Katahdin lamb, Meatball, is doing great.


For the first few days, I had to help Pot Pie stay still so lil' dude could nurse. She was NOT having it. I used my legs as a head gate stanchion so she'd be still for more than 3 seconds.

I only had to do that for a few days. I moved the sheep into s new pasture area on Friday, and they've been doing great. Pot Pie has slowed down and chilled out a bit, allowing Meatball to finally nurse. He's getting very big, and his tail is constantly wagging. Good things.

Meatloaf (the ram) is also handling it quite well. He's very gentle with Meatball. In fact, Meatball prefers to nap and sleep next to Meatloaf instead Pot Pie, and he allows it.

Meatball snuggled next to meatloaf at nap time.
The parents also finally started shedding, so in addition to a little lamb, there are clumps of hair falling out like crazy. But they're doing great, are grazing well, and look very healthy and happy.

The happy family grazing on clover. Meatloaf, left, Meatball, middle, and Pot Pie, right.
And finally, my sister came over for Thing #2's First Communion. We totes got the cute factor ramped up.

My sister , having just rocked Meatball to sleep. So cute!

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