Friday, May 23, 2014

Metamorphic Experimentation

Our neighbor found a cocoon outside and gave it to Thing #2. We turned it into a science project for him this week.

The cocoon is the large black thing in the grass. We built the environment for it.

Before turning him loose, we had him do some reading and answer some questions on what will happen to the cocoon.

Thing #2 learned that since the cocoon is that of a butterfly since it has a hard shell.
Thing #1 was, meanwhile, researching rabbit birth.
Then, we gathered stuff needed based on our reading: leaves and grass for food, twigs for it to crawl up, water, and air (in the form of a coffee filter over a jar).

Assembly time!
"Yay, cocoon!"
Adding grass. The water is held in a shot glass.
Yes, it is water. I checked.  ;)

In go the twigs.

And in goes the cocoon.

As of right now, it has not yet hatched. In fact, it looks exactly the same as it did a few days ago. So, we'll see what happens.

in the meantime, we had a great week of science. Thing #2 learned a lot of the life cycle of insects, with a focus on butterflies and moths. he learned the difference between moths and butterflies, and had a great time doing a project. Since he's a kinetic learner, this was a perfect project for him.

I love homeschooling. It gives us a chance to tailor lessons to our kids' strengths and interests, and lets us, the parents, participate as the primary educators of our children. This project was so much more involved than just asking, ":What did you do in science today?" Since I made the assignment, I already know, and our discussion goes way deeper (my favorites are questions that begin with "why").

I had him write down his expectations based on the readings. I'm very much looking forward to reviewing those once it hatches - or doesn't. Then, we can explore the scenario on a whole different level, and ask a lot more "why" questions.

Because after all, isn't an education supposed to help teach people to think?

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