Monday, May 5, 2014

One Thirsty Cow

The temps hit over 85 here yesterday, and Brisket got very thirsty. He let me know this fact by head-butting and flipping over his now-empty 17-gallon water bucket. The racket echoed all around the homestead.

Then the mooing began.

So, I filled up the cow cart full of cool water and watered him down.

Brisket Le'Cow slurping up water as it comes out of the tank.
Just like a water fountain for cows!
I took a lot of pictures of the watering event. He was very cute.

After he got the stream of water up his nose, Brisket turned to the "traditional"
way to drink water out of a bucket.

He was guzzling it about as fast as the nozzle poured it.

"Oh man, I'm SOOOOO thirsty!!"

He had to sink his head down lower and lower and he drank more and more.

I left him with another ten gallons after the slurp-fest. He drank about 5 more before I put him up for the night. Cows are by far the thirstiest animals I have ever dealt with. And the cutest whilst drinking!

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