Monday, February 10, 2014

Refreshing the Nest Box Bedding

The nest boxes in my DIY movable chicken coop are built of wood. As such, the bottoms are hard (duh). So, to soften them and prevent eggs from cracking, I need to keep it full of hay.

Well, I've been slacking lately on that, and since I had to cut some to change the baby chicks' bedding anyway, I went ahead and topped off the 5 nest boxes.

The Rhode Island Red in the upper right, and an Australorp in the lower
left. For some reason, the nest box right above the feeder is the favorite. The
favorite is without new hay, the other 4 are with new hay. Quite a difference.
Now, the hens will be able to lay in peace and comfort, and I will not have to worry about eggs cracking in the box. That would adversely affect the economics of the backyard egg laying flock, and we can't have that.

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