Monday, February 24, 2014

Goodbye, Samson

To make room for Bridget and Brisket, our new family cows, I had to re-home Samson the Donkey today.

Samson the Donkey, roped and grazing in the early morning a few days ago.
We only have 5.4 acres. Wife and I very carefully considered where we wanted to take our family, and based on the direction we're going, there simply aren't enough acres for cow and donkey to coexist.

So, we found a new place for him about an hour away. He was picked up and brought to the vet earlier this afternoon for a checkup by his new owners. He'll "retire" on a 30-acre farm with 4 horses. He'll be happy. Right now, we're still sad.

I still believe in the benefits of donkey ownership. However, the benefits of cow ownership, coupled with the economics of backyard milk cows, simply tipped the scales.

Goodbye, Samson the Donkey. We will miss you.


  1. This post has me a little sad. I knew Sampson only briefly, but he had such a pleasant and relaxed demeanor.

  2. Yeah. We're all sad, too. Samson was a great outdoor pet. We had him for almost two years. The kiddos cried when we loaded him into the trailer. I got a little choked up as well. But he has some great new keepers, and will have lots of space and animal friends.