Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Late June Garden Progress

Or lack thereof.  :(

With all of the animal hubbub, the gardens have been a, delayed this year. We have some great sproutlings going, and some tomato plants and lettuces doing really well, but a lot of other stuff is MIA at the moment.

Tomato plants, round 1. We have a few little tomatolettes growing.

Our seedlings are doing very well in the greenhouse. We'll need to transplant them soon, as some of them are just srpouting the second set of leaves. The peppers, though, have yet to sprout at all.

Assorted melons and okra, mostly, are sprouting on these trays.

Tomato sprouts round #2 are doing great as well.

Our brassicas in the garden are doing pretty well, too. The kale is thriving, while the broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower are coming along a bit slower.

Transplanted brassicas. It's a mixed bag with these guys,
The lettuces are probably doing the best of all. They are in the "original" garden spot (aka, the old "voodoo garden"), and are taking off. We need to have salad this week!

Do I detect a BLT on the horizon.
Why, yes. Yes I do.
Once I get the last few fence panels lined with chicken wire (it's so tedious!), then I'll post a shot of some of the "wild" melons growing where the piggies just were.

All in all, despite being very late to the game this year, it seems all of the garden failures and crap we suffered through learning we did the last few years is paying off.

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