Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Cow Kisses

I had Brisket in our lagoon system trimming down the grasses. Bridget was tethered to the fence next to him. They shared a moment. It was sweet.

Bridget. right, and Brisket, left, sharing a moment together.
I normally keep them tethered or fenced beyond touching distance. It's nice to give them opportunities to be close, although I need a barrier (distance or physical) between them.

A few days ago, I had Brisket tied out and was walking Bridget close by when she stopped to drink from his water. He came up and sniffed, and immediately went for a quick nursing. :/

The fence lets them have contact without Brisket messing with our milking routines.

Cow kiss through the fence.
Sweet cow moment #176.
"I love you mommy!"
I love having cows.  :)

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