Tuesday, October 1, 2013

THIS is What We Call "Food"?

I guess they meant the cashews?
I took this picture at my soon-to-be-former place of employment. It's in an office park, heavily landscaped, in a corporate area of a small suburb. It's a popular, growing region. They have a "marketplace" where you can buy "food" during the workday.

I'm struck at the dichotomy between the "wellness" and "healthy" buzzwords, right over some of the most unhealthy and unnatural concoctions in the history of humanity.

Now, I'm all for a treat every now and again. I love my Reese's cups. But I don't pretend that that kind of food is healthy by any means. I have come to view it as a very low-dose poison. It reacts with the body to create immediate and long-term effects that are all negative - that is, negative as soon as it passes the taste buds.

Mixed message much?
The diet-borne diseases rampant in the western cultures of the world are staggering to me:

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