Tuesday, November 18, 2014

More on Latte the Calf

I was able to get Latte the newborn Jersey calf to stand still for a few seconds.

Strike a pose, Latte!
Latte is a sweet, energetic, rambunctious lil' gal.

In fact, the only bad thing I can say about her is that she drinks most of Bridget's milk before I get outside in the morning.  :(  I haven't separated them yet since it's cold (snow this morning) and I want her to be healthy and thriving. I'll be separating them soon enough, either in separate pens or by selling her. I have yet to work out the details. In due time, though, all of that beautiful cream will be mine. All mine!! Bwahahahhaaa!!!

Look at that face. She's already planning on how to thieve tomorrow's cream.  >:(
Bridget is seriously holding back on top of it. She's letting down only one quarter for me. The rest are half empty by the time I get there, and she's allowing maybe a half-cup out of each. Maybe. So far, my best day milking has been about 3/4 of a gallon. Today was less than 1/2.

But that's OK.

I want Latte to be healthy, happy, and warm. I want her to grow strong in these first few weeks, and I'm OK with easing us back into milk. Latte will be grown and not nursing soon enough, and this is a critical time in her health development.

The sun hit my lens and washed out this picture just a bit.
But it's the best head profile shot I could take.
In the meantime, she's been hanging out in the barn area with mamma, and will for a while. I need to still set up an "exercise yard" for them. Grazing is about over for the year, and hay season is upon us. Yay.


  1. They usually recommend not milking at all for the first 2 weeks. That milk is for baby. Plus it has colostrum in it at first, which is nasty to drink.

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