Thursday, October 23, 2014


This weekend, we had piglets!!

They are so small and so cute and so pink-ish.
 Mama Piggie (aka, Poomba) gave birth to two healthy, happy, squeaky little pig babies. They are just about the cutest thing ever. Well, definitely top 2.

Mama and babies are doing great.

We got a text from my sister whilst out of town. We went camping this past weekend with some friends, and got a text while we were out hiking Saturday morning. When we got home the next day, they were nursing, squeaking, min-oinking, and otherwise doing very well.

Poomba foraging while TBD#1 and TBD#2 suckle.
The other pigs treat them very well. It's a cute little multi-generational porcine family. Momma got a little testy today when I picked the lil'uns up this afternoon. She's a good momma - and a keeper.

The genders and names are TBD on the two babies.

All SIX pigs, doing their thing and just being ... swine.
I've been increasing their feed intake slowly, and now they receive about 3 pounds of fermented grains a day, in addition to scraps and rooting. The rooting nutritional intake will go down soon for winter. I plan to plant root crops in every garden plot during the next cycle through the system, providing additional activity and calories for the cloven footers.

Escargo was getting a little intimate with BB'q this past week, so maybe around Valentine's day, we'll see a few more.

If only rabbits were this easy to breed.....

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