Saturday, September 21, 2013


Last night, I went to lock up the chickens in their coop so I could move the electric netting this morning. I turned the charger off, naturally, before climbing over, filling up their feeder, and latching them in.

Upon re-engaging the switch, I heard a loud and distinct electric POP! coming from one end of the paddock. It being dark, I figured that a big blade of grass or something had blown across the hot and ground, and went inside.

Still, I thought it odd that I heard it leaving, but did not hear it coming.

Odd indeed, for this morning I came across this:

This snake scared the *^#!^%*!%#! out of me.
A big snake, 3 feet long, tangled in the deer netting, dead as a .... dead snake.

It looked like it tried to shimmy through a 3/4" deer net hole. Too small, the netting tightened and tightened around the snake's midsection as it struggled (again, presumably, from the visual evidence), eventually killing it. Asphyxiation? Lack of blood flow? Who knows. But that thing was D.E.A.D.

So, I can rest easier knowing my electric netting is both coyote-proof AND snake-proof. My sheep and chickens are very safe. :)

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